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Fueling Innovation: Epic MegaGrants for UEFN Creators and Teams

Harnessing the Power of Funding for Innovative Game Development

In a bid to encourage innovation and creativity, Epic Games has extended its MegaGrants program to include projects created in Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). This announcement is sure to excite creators and developers alike, paving the way for groundbreaking new content in Fortnite.

For close to half a decade, the MegaGrants program has been a key financial support system for talented teams around the world. Its core purpose? To facilitate the development of new ideas that stretch the limits of creativity. With this recent expansion, the opportunity is now available to the Fortnite Creative UEFN Developer community, marking a significant step in fostering a culture of game development excellence.

Epic MegaGrants Set Out to Push Boundaries

Epic Games is particularly interested in supporting projects that push the boundaries of UEFN’s potential, and those that aim to diversify the content accessible to Fortnite’s player base. Regardless of whether you’re planning to introduce a fresh game genre, play around with novel mechanics, or produce something completely unique, this opportunity is undoubtedly for you.

The Nuts and Bolts of Applying for Epic MegaGrants

When applying, you’re free to submit any form of media, Google Drive links, or plain text. For UEFN projects, Epic recommends sending a visual concept or project build, along with a comprehensive budget breakdown. Eligibility for a UEFN project requires you to be 18 years or older, be capable of publishing your project, create the project using UEFN, and ultimately have the project published in Fortnite.

There is no set deadline for MegaGrants applications. Instead, Epic accepts applications on a rolling basis and distributes funds throughout the year. Selected projects can expect to receive MegaGrants ranging from $5,000 to $250,000, and some extraordinary projects may even secure up to $500,000!

Securing Epic MegaGrant Funding: A Few Best Practices

Before moving forward, it’s essential to understand that applying for an Epic MegaGrant isn’t merely about filling out a form. It’s about communicating the value of your project and convincing the grant committee that your project is worthy of their investment. Below are three critical aspects to consider when preparing for grant application:

Comprehensive Project Preparation and Media

Your application must present a clear, well-thought-out idea that showcases your creativity and innovation. It should be supported with visual concepts or a project build, illustrating the potential impact of your project. The more prepared and detailed you are in presenting your idea, the better your chances of securing the grant.

Accurate Cost Calculation

Cost calculation is a crucial part of your application. You must provide a detailed budget breakdown, including all project-specific expenses like developer training, project development, and hiring costs. Being precise and realistic about your project’s financial needs demonstrates your project management skills and financial responsibility, which can boost your application’s credibility.

Setting Realistic Projections

Ensure your project’s scope and timeline are practical and achievable. Unrealistic projections might raise doubts about the feasibility of your project and your team’s capability to deliver. When setting projections, consider potential challenges and risks, and factor in contingency plans.

Maximize Your Chances with Good Planning

To maximize your chances of securing an Epic MegaGrant, you should create a realistic budget for your project and provide a detailed account of any additional funding you may have secured. Although there’s no guarantee of receiving the amount you request, a well-thought-out budget and clear expense breakdown can only help your application.

The grant funds should ideally be used for project-specific expenses, such as continuing development or hiring new staff. Epic does occasionally approve the use of funds for hardware purchases or rentals that will contribute significantly to the project, but these are considered on a case-by-case basis.

MegaGrants Offers an Incredible Opportunity

Epic MegaGrants offer an incredible opportunity for UEFN creators and developers to bring their most ambitious projects to life. If you’re ready to take your UEFN project to the next level, consider applying for an Epic MegaGrant today. For more information on Epic MegaGrants, visit


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