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The Epic Release of UEFN

How this will Revolutionize Fortnite Creative

T he Unreal Editor for Fortnite Creative was released on March 22, 2023. Many were ready, but they couldn’t fathom the changes it would make to the gaming industry! With the release of UEFN, Epic Games has enabled Fortnite Creative game developers to take advantage of Unreal Engine’s powerful features. Enabling them to produce games and experiences that can be enjoyed by millions of Fortnite players!


UEFN allows developers to create projects directly within Fortnite with a wide variety of tools that were not accessible before. In fact, during the State of Unreal, a demo was released exploring the potential of UEFN. This demo highlighted UEFN features like Niagara, Verse, Sequencer, Control Rig and custom assets among others. It also introduced FAB, which is projected to become one of the largest game developer marketplaces, combining Sketchfab, Artstation and the UE marketplace into one!


What’s even more impactful was the announcement regarding the brand-new programming language: Verse. Verse is a programming language created specifically to support the development of extraordinary virtual worlds. It is being designed to allow developers to collaborate and construct immersive 3D worlds with unprecedented levels of scalability, flexibility and ease.

In fact, states that “Verse improves the aspects of being scalable to running code, where the goal is for millions of programmers that do not know each other to write the code. Also, it is transactional from the start. Lastly, it has strong interop guarantees over time and a compiled time guarantee.”

The above statement is a glimpse of how the programming landscape would be altered due to implementation of Verse in back-end operations. And many have found quite a few similarities between Verse and other programming languages, for instance like Python.

However, the primary focus is the ease of use it has for creators who are using Verse on the front -end and are new to programming entirely. UEFN came packed with video tutorials and documentation filled with detailed instructions on how to create custom scripts using Verse on the Fortnite Creative platform!


Gaming industry innovations like UEFN and Verse can have a great deal of positive impact. By fostering creativity and collaboration, they can help develop more immersive and interactive games. They can also provide a new platform for developers to build on, which can lead to the creation of new and innovative gaming experiences for gamers to enjoy. Ultimately, these types of innovations can contribute to the growth of the gaming industry and provide developers and gamers with new opportunities.


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