UEFN’s New IP Partnership Program: Could this be a Game-Changer for UEFN Creators?

Updated just recently on March 14, 2024, Epic Games unveiled an optional agreement that has quietly made its way into the Fortnite creator ecosystem – the IP Partnership Program Agreement. This innovative move by Epic aims to address the longstanding issue of intellectual property (IP) infringement within its vast creative community. Despite its potential impact, many creators may still be unaware of its existence and the possible opportunities it presents.

Epic's New IP Partnership Program | UEFN

About the IP Partnership Program

To summarize, the IP Partnership Program offers creators access to a curated selection of assets licensed directly from Epic and its partners. By integrating these assets into their Fortnite islands, creators can enrich their content while ensuring compliance with IP laws. However, this privilege comes with a set of rules outlined in the agreement, emphasizing the protection of intellectual property rights and adherence to specific brand guidelines.

Violations can affect Engagement Payouts and More

One of the cornerstone rules is the prohibition against incorporating third-party materials protected by IP rights into islands that utilize the Program’s assets. This measure is designed to prevent the blending of Epic’s licensed content with unauthorized materials, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the Epic’s creative ecosystem. Creators who opt to sign this agreement, found in violation of this rule risk not only their eligibility for engagement payout awards but also potential removal of their content and even account termination. For further clarification of this rule, it is advised you reach out to Epic Support or your legal representatives.

Epic's New IP Partnership Program | UEFN

Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of the Program is its impact on engagement payouts. A portion of the payouts for islands utilizing IP Program assets will be redirected to the original IP owners/rightsholders. This redistribution recognizes the value of the intellectual property involved and ensures that creators are incentivized to produce original, compliant content.

Moreover, the agreement mandates that any promotional activities for islands created under the Program cannot imply affiliation or endorsement by the original IP owners. This ensures clear boundaries between creator content and the official IP narratives, maintaining the authenticity of both.

Where to Find the IP Partner Licensing Agreement

For creators interested in exploring this new avenue, the agreement can be found within the Epic Creator Portal by following this path: Creator portal > Creator profile > Creator programs > IP Partner Licensing Agreement. This initiative not only offers a pathway for creators to enhance their work with high-quality, licensed assets but also represents a crucial step by Epic in combating IP infringement. By fostering a more regulated and respectful creative environment, Epic and its community of creators can continue to innovate while protecting their own and others’ intellectual property rights.

Long Term Impact on UEFN

As the Program unfolds, its long-term impact on the UEFN development landscape remains to be seen. It is hard to determine whether or not this would aid in the battle against the current IP infringement that takes place in Discover. However, its introduction marks a proactive approach by Epic to address the challenges of IP management in its own accord and for a continuously evolving metaverse. And this is a definite positive attribution to the creative community. UEFN developers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the agreement’s terms and seek legal advice before signing any agreement they are unsure about. And since joining this program is optional at this time – they have the option to choose on whether or not they would like to participate. It is a great chance to leverage the opportunity to stand out in the Fortnite Creative community while upholding the highest standards of IP respect and integrity. What do you think?


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