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Dreams Community Reacts as Live Support Ends in September 2023

T he Dreams community is abuzz with the recent announcement from Media Molecule that they will be ending live support for the game in September 2023. The developer released a statement on their official website and followed up with a tweet, leading to a flurry of reactions from fans of the game.

Media Molecule, the developer behind the highly acclaimed Dreams platform, has revealed that they will be discontinuing live support for the game come September 2023. This news comes from an official update on the Dreams website, as well as a tweet from the developer’s official Twitter account.

In the statement, Media Molecule assured players that the Dreams community and its creative projects remain a top priority for them. While live support will be ending, the developers will continue to maintain the game’s servers and preserve the existing community content. This will allow players to continue accessing their creations and those of other users.

The announcement has prompted a range of reactions from Dreams community members on Twitter. Many players expressed their gratitude for the incredible experiences they have had with the game, while others voiced concerns about the future of Dreams and its community. Some users called for continued support through alternative channels or partnerships to ensure that the platform remains a thriving hub for creativity.

Despite the end of live support, Media Molecule has promised to continue engaging with the Dreams community. They will focus on maintaining a healthy environment for players to share their creations, and they are exploring new ways to foster creative opportunities for users. They have also expressed their commitment to celebrating the hard work of their dedicated fans.

As Dreams moves into this new phase, the community can expect to see changes in the way the platform is supported. Media Molecule will remain involved, but the level of direct engagement may be different than what players have come to expect. Nonetheless, the developer’s ongoing commitment to the Dreams community should reassure fans that the platform will continue to be a space for creativity and collaboration.

In conclusion, the upcoming end of live support for Dreams marks a significant shift for the game and its community. Media Molecule’s commitment to maintaining the platform and engaging with its users offers hope that Dreams will continue to be a vibrant, creative space. The community’s response has been mixed, with some expressing concern, while others remain optimistic about the future of the game. It remains to be seen how the platform will evolve, but the passion of the Dreams community is sure to be a driving force in its continued success.

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