Roblox Expands Immersive Video Ads Access to All Advertisers News Roblox

Roblox Expands Immersive Video Ads Access to All Advertisers

Roblox Expands Immersive Video Ads Access to All Advertisers, Adds New Measurement Partners

On May 1, 2024, Roblox Corporation announced a significant expansion of its advertising platform by making immersive video ads available to all advertisers. This move is set to revolutionize how brands connect with the platform’s predominantly Gen Z user base, which accounts for over half of Roblox’s 71.5 million daily active users.

Key Highlights for Roblox Developers

  • Immersive Video Ads Availability:
    – Video ads are now accessible to all advertisers on Roblox, enabling seamless engagement with users aged 13 and up.
    – This format does not require custom-built 3D content, simplifying the ad creation process for brands.
  • Scalable Advertising Opportunities:
    – Brands can leverage this new format to drive global awareness and consideration, targeting a digitally savvy generation that is difficult to reach through traditional media.
    – The self-serve Ads Manager platform offers expanded controls, including genre targeting, brand suitability, and an audience estimator.
  • Programmatic Media Buying:
    – Soon, video ads will also be available for programmatic media buying, allowing for more streamlined and automated ad placements.
  • New Measurement Partnerships:
    – Roblox announced partnerships with Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Kantar to provide robust measurement solutions for advertisers
    – IAS will offer 3D in-experience viewability and invalid traffic measurement, while Kantar will provide brand lift studies to assess the impact of ad campaigns.
  • Early Success and Positive Feedback:
    – Initial tests with brands like e.l.f. Beauty, HUGO, and Walmart have shown positive reception and significant engagement.
    – Studies indicate that Roblox video ads deliver substantial brand lift across awareness, consideration, and user actions.

Impact on the Roblox Creative Ecosystem

The introduction of immersive video ads marks a transformative development for Roblox creators. Here’s how it impacts the creative ecosystem:

  • Monetization Opportunities:
    – Video ads represent a growing monetization avenue for creators. Over 1,000 experiences on Roblox already feature immersive ads, and this number is expected to grow.
    – Clear eligibility guidelines and compliance with community and advertising standards ensure that creators can safely and transparently earn revenue from ads.
  • Enhanced User Experiences:
    – The integration of video ads aims to enrich user experiences without being disruptive. This aligns with Roblox’s vision of creating immersive and engaging environments.
    – Users will have clear indications when interacting with ad content, ensuring transparency and trust.
  • Increased Brand Collaborations:
    – Creators can expect more collaboration opportunities with brands looking to tap into Roblox’s vast and engaged user base.
    – The ability to target specific genres and ensure brand suitability means that creators can partner with brands that align with their content and audience.
  • Ad Standards and Safety:
    – All ads must comply with Roblox’s community and advertising standards, ensuring that ad content remains safe and respectful of user privacy.
    – Ad publishers need to meet certain thresholds, such as being 18+ ID verified and maintaining a minimum monthly unique visitor count, to participate in ad monetization.

The expansion of video ads is set to bolster the economic potential of Roblox’s virtual economy while enhancing the overall experience for users and creators alike. As this new ad format gains traction, it will be crucial for developers to stay informed about eligibility guidelines and best practices for integrating ads into their experiences.

For more information on advertising solutions for brands on Roblox, visit Roblox Brands.

Source: Roblox Expands Immersive Video Ads Access to All Advertisers, Adds New Measurement Partners. | Roblox Corporation. (2024, May 1).


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