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Apple Reinstates Epic Games Following Public Outcry Over Retaliation

Epic Games Set to Return to iOS Amidst Digital Markets Act Enforcement

In a significant turn of events, Apple has announced that it will reinstate Epic Games’ developer account following widespread public backlash and scrutiny from the European Commission. This decision comes after Apple initially terminated Epic’s developer account, a move that many saw as retaliatory following Epic’s public criticism of Apple’s compliance plan for the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Epic Games stated that Apple’s commitment to the European Commission to reinstate their account sends a powerful message to developers, reinforcing that the European Commission is prepared to enforce the DMA and hold gatekeepers like Apple accountable. With the reinstatement, Epic is set to proceed with its plans to launch the Epic Games Store and bring Fortnite back to iOS devices in Europe.

This decision follows a contentious period in which Apple terminated the Sweden AB developer account that Epic intended to use to develop the Epic Games Store for iOS. Epic condemned this action as a serious violation of the DMA, which mandates that gatekeepers allow and enable third-party app stores on their platforms.

Epic argued that Apple’s termination of their developer account undermined their ability to compete and served as a warning to other developers about the risks of challenging Apple’s practices. The termination came shortly after Epic publicly criticized Apple’s proposed DMA compliance plan, which Epic CEO Tim Sweeney highlighted in a social media post.

Despite Apple’s claims that Epic poses a threat to their ecosystem, Epic pointed to their longstanding collaborative history with Apple, including the release of games and apps on the App Store and support for Apple’s technology in Unreal Engine. Epic has been a notable player in the Apple ecosystem, contributing significantly through games like Epic Citadel and Infinity Blade, as well as various apps and tools.

The reinstatement of Epic’s developer account marks a critical step in the ongoing battle for fair competition in the digital marketplace. Epic has vowed to continue fighting for true competition and choice on iOS devices in Europe and beyond.

Source: Apple Reinstates Epic Developer Account After Public Backlash for Retaliation


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